Online Jackpot slots have increased tremendously in popularity recently. Big wins are being achieved even with relatively small stakes. Because of this you can see Jackpot slots in more and more places and in more and more online casinos. There is a huge variety to be found of this form of play, which makes it an appropriate choice for everyone.

To get you all up to speed on this form of gaming, we have put all the important points together for you. We discuss the best games, the highest winnings and compare it to other forms of slot machines. We’ve also included a lot of concrete examples to give you a good idea of the game.

After reading this article you will know exactly how and what about playing Jackpot Slots. But if you’re still not convinced, you can still read more about slots and jackpot slots here and who knows, maybe the next Jackpot will be yours!

There is such a large selection of Jackpot slots, that sometimes it is hard to choose. We understand that all too well. That’s why we’ve prepared these extra hold games for you to easily choose from. As you can see, Jackpot slots come in all shapes and colors, so hopefully you’ll find one that suits your taste. You can easily access them through the Veritop portal, where you’ll also find all the games listed together. Even easier and even more time left to just play.

Even though we’ve got a great selection for you here, games are never isolated. You can find them in large numbers at one of the many online casinos that can be reached. Each casino has its own advantages and characteristics, so it’s good to be aware of the different types.

Play Jackpot Slots with the Highest RTP
Slot machines are not only fun to play on their own, but being able to win your bet back is a great bonus. Therefore, we have listed the five Jackpot Slots with the highest Return To Player (RTP).

Slots Characteristic feature Software RTP
Mega Joker Very classic, very big wins NetEnt 99%
Tens or Better Progressive Has been around for a while, but still very popular iSoftBet 97.83%
Good Girl Bad Girl Choose whether to play in ‘Good Girl’ or ‘Bad Girl’ mode BetSoft 97.79%
Amazon Idols Million Maker Deep into the jungle in search of great treasures. NextGen 97.52%
The Ruby Classic style, but still very contemporary iSoftBet 97.50%
Review of Top 5 Progressive Jackpot slot
Read below the review of Jackpot slots, so you know what to expect since sometimes it’s nice to know in advance what to expect.

Mega Fortune (NetEnt) – RTP 96%
Everything in this slot screams big win. The theme is focused on the high-end luxury life and the winnings definitely don’t lie. This is a very big player, one that holds the record for the biggest win ever in a slot machine, a whopping $17.9 million! Maybe there’s something in that for you, too.

Mega Moolah (Microgaming) – RTP 88.12%
Just before Mega Fortune knocked this machine off its throne, Mega Moolah had the biggest jackpot to its name, which was £13.2 million. After this, this game has been nicknamed ‘Millionaire Maker’, a name the game lives up to time and time again.

Divine Fortune (NetEnt) – RTP 96.59%
In a theme of the ancient Greeks, you are taken into a dreamy game full of chances to win big prizes. There are a lot of bonuses lurking and the progressive jackpot can make your dream world a reality. Just goes to show that NetEnt doesn’t mince words.

Jackpot Raiders (Yggdrasil) – RTP 96.3%
In this game you go on a little more of an adventure than the aforementioned games. You join two adventurers and treasure hunters in a machine where you will often win prizes. The prizes are relatively a little smaller, but more frequent and the progressive jackpot still comes to nice amounts.

Arabian Nights (NetEnt) – RTP 96.25%
With nice multipliers and free spins, you can win a lot of prizes in this game too. But the real prize is in the constantly increasing jackpot, which travels to unknown heights until it might fall into your lap. Who knows if you’ll walk out on a flying carpet.

Jackpot Slots Guide: Progressive Slots in the Online World

In the next part we will discuss the ins-and-outs of Progressive Jackpot slots. It is a relatively new and not common concept in every casino, but what always attracts a lot of players. There are huge prizes to be won while requiring no additional wagering. This makes it attractive to many types of players.

It fits into the picture of the life-changing nature that casinos sometimes exude. It’s not just something in the world of online casinos, but also in land-based casinos. So it’s not entirely surprising that it usually attracts a lot of players, whether this is true for you too you may know after reading the following.

What are Jackpot Slots
It’s actually very simple. In a regular slot machine, the prizes you can win are determined by the combination of symbols, wildcards and bonuses. In a Progressive Jackpot there is also an amount that constantly increases each time someone plays the machine, but does not win the Jackpot. So this amount keeps rising. Winning the Jackpot is done by hitting a certain combination of symbols, often the highest possible in a particular machine.

It can happen that the Jackpot is linked to one machine, but it can also happen that the Jackpot is linked to several machines at the same time. Therefore the Jackpot multiplies relatively faster and it is possible to win the Jackpot in the different playing slot machines.

How to play Progressive Jackpot
Starting to play Jackpot slot online is not difficult at all and anyone can start playing it right away. We are now explaining to you exactly how to play along at the Jackpot.

Find your favorite Jackpot Slot in the lists above and go to the relevant casino, or;
Search your favorite casino for the Jackpot slot. It is often well marked that it is a Jackpot;
Do you want to play for the cash prize? Then it’s usually necessary to play with real money, and put money on your account to do so. How this works differs per casino, on Veritop’s pages about online casinos this is explained per casino for players;
Pay attention to the condition to win the Jackpot and start playing the Slot! This way you will automatically have a chance to win the Jackpot.
Types of Jackpot Slots
Within the segment of Jackpot slots there are a few different types, these are Network, Local and Fixed Jackpot slots. We will discuss each of them here so that you can get a good idea of the world of Jackpot slots.

1. Network Jackpot slot
In this form the pot is raised through a large number of different casinos. Often the same slot machine can be played in a number of different locations and all of the casinos that participate in this process are constantly raising the Jackpot. Slot players in these casinos all have an equal chance of winning the Jackpot. The Jackpot can therefore rise faster and to larger amounts.

2. Local Jackpot slot
This form differs from the Network Jackpot slot in that only one casino or organization works with the Jackpot. So the players in one casino raise the Jackpot by playing the Slots, and only these players have a chance to win this particular Jackpot. This means that the Jackpot increases at a slower rate, and sometimes it means that the Jackpot is relatively lower. However, there is less competition (basically the same principle as any other lottery).

3. Fixed Jackpot slot
In the Fixed Jackpot the amount is always the same. The number of players playing in the slot has no influence on the amount of the Jackpot. This also means that the Jackpot is always “hot”, as it is called. In Progressive Jackpot slot, the Jackpot will fall when the amount increases to a, often predetermined, amount. With Fixed Jackpot slots the amount is always fixed and can therefore be won at any time. The winnings are sometimes a bit lower, but often frequent and worthwhile.

So on every scale there is a Jackpot to be won. If you’re going for the big prizes, where many players chase the same hare, then a Network Jackpot might be for you. If you prefer to keep it smaller, more local and more manageable, then Local Jackpot slots will be more your thing. If you like to know where you stand and are looking for a more frequent chance to win, then Fixed Jackpot Slots will be more your style.

Try Free Jackpot Slots
We think it’s very important that Jackpot Slot can also be played for free. There are many advantages to this, which will be discussed below. Fortunately Jackpot Slot, like many other slot machines, can usually be played for free with no strings attached. And that’s great because of this:

You can start playing immediately. There is no need to register, transfer money or go through any other formalities. Just click on your favorite game and you’re right in the middle of it. Makes the threshold comfortably low!
If you don’t know a game yet, you can try it out first at no cost. Only when you find a game you really like can you start betting.
Because you can play without any real risks involved, you can fully focus on your chosen strategy. You can see which combinations do what, when it’s a good idea to play a bonus and generally master the applicable rules. Then, when you start betting with real money, you’re ready to go.
The Basics of Jackpot Slot
Jackpot slots are what the name implies – slot machines. So here’s a quick crash course on (Jackpot) Slot Machines. A slot machine generally has three or five vertical rows, also called reels. The horizontal rows are called rows. On these rows you can find a variety of symbols, a combination of which is linked to certain winnings or bonuses. There are also special bonus symbols, which initiate their own action. This combination is not only from left to right, but can also be formed throughout the field, you can often see this per game.

Slot machines are often talked about in terms of volatility and RTP, the former refers to how big the wins and losses can be (i.e. high and low there is high volatility), RTP refers to the Return To Player, or how much a player can expect to get back when playing a particular machine. The RTP is something we often use in Veritop’s reviews of a Slot machine.

Developers of Jackpot Slot

Jackpot slots are a huge hit and actually impossible to imagine the online casino world without them. Many developers are creating these games, which means more diversity for the player and higher quality due to market forces. Here is a selection of these developers and their most popular Jackpot Slot Machines.

Microgaming: Mega Moolah (popular not only within Microgaming, but with the entire Jackpot slot section);
NetEnt: Divine Fortune (plenty of prizes to be won even without the big Jackpot);
iSoftBet: Aztec Gold Megaways (three different Fixed Jackpots to win);
Play ‘n Go: Leprechaun Goes to Hell (to hell and back for the big pot of gold);
Pragmatic Gaming: El Dorado The City of Gold (very colorful game with medium volatility);
Quickspin: Dragon Chase (chasing the golden dragon in Asian spheres!);
Yggdrasil: Joker Millions (classically designed Jackpot Slot Machine).
Playing Jackpot Slot Mobile
Like many other games that can be played at situs slot pragmatic casinos, Jackpot slots can also be accessed via your mobile device or tablet. Often all that is required is that the device can run Flash, which the current iOS, Androids or Windows operating systems can actually do just fine. The mobile market is also of some size at the moment, which ensures that all the games of the last few years have been designed for a smooth mobile experience.

Basically, there is no need to download anything and you can just play through the browser of your mobile device. Many casinos support mobile play without any problems and to be sure you can always search for a particular casino or game on Veritop. Just make sure your internet connection is up to speed so you don’t miss out on anything due to technical glitches.

Difference Jackpot Slot and Normal Video Slots
In a way, normal Video Slots and Jackpot slots are exactly the opposite. In a Jackpot, the highest prize to be won goes up constantly (if not Fixed) and this Jackpot is influenced by the other players of this slot. In a regular video slot this is not the case, here you only play with the computer and the way you play and how the game is structured determines the amount of the winnings. In a regular video slot, the highest prize is often already determined, while in a jackpot slot, the highest prize is determined by the participation of the players.

Furthermore, they can look exactly the same and, aside from the Jackpot, usually have the same rules. Here again, they are very similar to each other. Therefore, it very much depends on the desires and playing style of you as a player whether a Jackpot is attractive or not.

Jackpot Slot Tips
Jackpot slot games with the same rules as regular slot machines. This means that there are some that the player has basically no control over. Much is determined by luck, and while there are tactics to be found in the choices to play on or off or go for a bonus, there is also a large portion that is solely up to fate.

What you can influence, however, is the time of play. As a rule of thumb, the closer you play to the previous jackpot, the less likely you are to hit the jackpot. If you have an idea how much the jackpot is going to be, and you see the amount won close to this jackpot amount- then it’s a good idea to start playing. Of course, you’re not the only one playing this hot slot, so the competition is also very high.

Alternatives to Jackpot Slot
Maybe you read this article and decided that Jackpot Slot is not for you. You don’t care about the chance of winning a big, additional cash prize and you just want to play regular slots. That’s something we can understand, as there’s no accounting for taste. For that reason, we’ve put together some alternatives. The alternatives are for players who want to play slots, just not with a Jackpot.

Video Slot Machines: beautifully rendered slot machines, often with a theme and a story;
Classic Slot Machines: without all the fuss, back to the roots.
3D Slot Machines: go one step further with highly rendered, lifelike, animations;
Conclusion: Progressive Jackpot, a good choice for players
All in all, playing Jackpot slots is definitely recommended for players. There is a great variety in this segment, besides the fact that there are very nice prizes to be won. Aside from the normal prize pool, there is the chance to win an ever increasing Jackpot, which of course only adds to the fun of playing slots. The diversity of jackpots means that there is something for everyone, allowing everyone to participate in this fun form of gaming. The size of the jackpots will probably only get higher and higher, which means we’ll be hearing a lot more about the Jackpot slot in the future.